A Note  from Kathryn Enticott

I have always loved managing artists and take huge pleasure in helping great musicians accomplish their ambitions and dreams.  The music world is in a constant state of change which can be challenging but these shifting sands opens up so many opportunities for new and creative ways of working within the industry. No single person has all of the necessary skills to deliver an artists’ goals in their entirety, but understanding that,  and being willing to collaborate with partners who share a vision and offer complementary strengths is the best way to forge new pathways and to secure the best possible results for our artists and the wider cultural community.

Having been involved in the performing arts for all my working life, I have been lucky enough to encounter some brilliant, creative and passionate people.  I have built enduring relationships with my colleagues in orchestras, concert halls, festivals, broadcasting and recording companies, as well as in corporations, media organisations and foundations.  Ours is a world of relationships – a manager’s relationship with an artist is built on mutual respect, trust and integrity – as are relationships with ones colleagues.  However much new technologies and commercial realities change aspects of what we do and how we work, they will never replace these personal relationships and connections that are so critical in our field.

It is with this in mind that I have set up Enticott Music Management.  EMM will provide personal and bespoke management to the artists and clients we represent and support.

Thank you for visiting our new website and for the many messages of support we have received since we launched EMM on 1st October, 2014.  Joseph Chadwick, Mandy Hsieh and I have hit the ground running and it is with anticipation, enthusiasm and much excitement that we embark on this new adventure – thank you for joining us for the ride.

Best wishes,


Kathryn Enticott,

Director – Enticott Music Management.


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